1. 1808 Reader Survey

    1808 Reader Survey

    Say farewell to 1808, and help us start a new magazine! Your feedback is much appreciated.

  2. Eat Drink Restaurant Week!

  3. favorite-comics

    Welcome to the Journal Comics Contest. Vote for your favorite and least favorite comic below! At the end of the contest, the Journal Features Department will analyze all the votes before the Comics page is reorganized with five fewer comic strips.

    By taking our survey, you are automatically entered to win a Winston-Salem Journal comics umbrella. Thank you for voting!

  4. Game of Thrones Books Quiz

    Game of Thrones Books Quiz

  5. Game of Thrones Movies Quiz

    Game of Thrones Movies Quiz

  6. Grand America

    Grand America

  7. High School Quiz

    High School Quiz

  8. Let's Talk

    Let's Talk

    The Journal’s Twin City Talks, powered by OrthoCarolina, is a live event series that brings together members of our communities to talk through the issues that are vital – and, we hope, fun, thought-provoking and relevant for Winston-Salem and Forsyth County.

    What are we going to talk about next? We’d like you to help decide.

  9. MothersDaySweepstakes


    Technically, Mother's day ended the day before this contest started, but who says Mother's day has to end?

    Let's make every day Mother's day -- enter now for your chance to win $500 and use it to celebrate the mothers in your life!

  10. Novant

  11. What Bar Are You

  12. Winston Salem Journal's Promotion 43

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